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New Plant Almost Ready

Our New production plant is coming up in the city of Panipat, Haryana, India. It will be ready by June 2021. We will be shifting our current operations to Panipat too, idea is to have complete production under one roof.

The current Pandemic have already delayed the project by almost an year, and its still going very strong. It is very difficult to take the things for granted. Hopefully, the second peak will settle down soon, and June deadline will get extended any further.

by Girish Chhabra Girish Chhabra

Catalog & List : 2021 Edition

New Catalogs and price list are out. New List is applicable from 1st March 2021.

The rubber industry is going through a very difficult phase, most of the raw materials are in short supply either because of Covid, higher ocean freight, lack of tankers or not so industry friendly policies of the current Government. Prices of EPDM rubber shot up almost twice in the span of last 3-4 months and so is the case with Carbon, RPO (Rubbber Process oil ) and other curing chemicals. We have raised the price of all the hoses by almost 10 percent to cover up the higher raw material cost.

We have also introduced quite a few hoses in almost all the segments. New Catalog and List can be downloaded from the below mentioned link.

Download New Catalog

by Girish Chhabra Girish Chhabra

Upcoming Range

Range of Hoses under process :

  1. Reducer Hose, Tata Prime 4″ by 5″ id.
  2. Bellow Hose Tata 2518, 3.50″ & 3″ id.
  3. Bharat Benz Hose.
  4. Hose Pipe Set Xylo 2.2L
  5. Hose Pipe Set Mahindra Bolero 1.5L 2nd gen.
  6. Hose Pipe Set Tata Winger 2.2L
  7. Leyland Dost Plus Hoses added.
  8. Hose Pipe Set Alto K-10 1.0L Lxi/Vxi K10 Engine.
  9. Hose Pipe Set Zen Estilo 2nd Gen. 1.0L K10 Engine.
  10. Hose Pipe Set Hyundai Grand i10 1.2L Petrol / Xcent 1.2L G4LA/Kappa VTVT Eng.

by Girish Chhabra Girish Chhabra

Jan 2020 Updates

NEW Development :

  1. Hoses for Tata Xenon / Movus / Sumo Grand 2.2L
  2. Tata Safari Dicor 2.2L
  3. Hoses for Ace Mega, Dicor & Ace Bs-IV
  4. Hoses for Ace Mint
  5. Hoses for Leyland Dost Plus
  6. Hoses for Tata 1618
  7. Hoses for Eicher 30.16, 11.14, Inter Cooler Hoses
  8. Leyland E-comet, Stag & Lynx Hoses
  9. Leyland U Truck Hoses
  10. Hoses for Mahindra Jeeto, Mahindra Xylo 2.5L & 2.2L
  11. Hoses for Mahindra Supro
  12. Hoses for Mahindra Bolero 2.5L Ex, Bolero 1.5L (D)
  13. Hoses for Mahindra Maxi Truck 2.5L / BMT Plus Model
  14. Hose For TATA BS-IV Vehicles
  15. All Hoses for Chevrolet Tavera
  16. Elbow & Reducer Hoses in all sizes for Universal Purposes

Introducing EPDM Molding Hoses

by Girish Chhabra Girish Chhabra

New Addition : April 2019

Latest developments :

  1. Hose range for the Mercedes is available ( Supplying to Australian & Dubai region )
  2. Hose range for Scannia.
  3. Tata & Leyland Bs-IV Range Hoses.
  4. Straight hoses available till 5″ now, along with bends.
  5. Vacuum hose, woth id 3mm is also available.
  6. Tata 713, 912 Ultra hoses are available.
  7. Hoses for Royal Enfield.
  8. Ace Dicor Complete Range of Hoses
  9. Mahindra Jeeto Hoses
  10. Hoses for Leyland E-Comet, Lynx & Stag
  11. Hoses for Hitachi Ex 200 & Ex 210, Kamatsu PC 200.
  12. Massey ferguson 35, 35X, 135, 140., 148, TEF 20 Diesel (20D) exporting to UK.
  13. Ford Fordson Major , Power Major & Super Major Hoses.

Latest Addition Catalogue, April 2019

Hoses under development :

  1. Hoses for Supro
  2. Hoses for Tata Xenon, Ace Mega.
  3. Straight hose, with 6″ id.
  4. Complete range of hoses for Royal Enfield Models.
  5. Reducer L-Bends over 3″ id.
  6. Hoses for Leyland 3718
  7. Hoses for Mahindra Xylo Latest Model
by Girish Chhabra Girish Chhabra

New Additions : March 2018

Latest Additions

  1. Latest Additions :
    1) Hose Pipe Set Mahindra Yuvraj.
    2) Hose Pipe Set Swaraj Orchid.
    3) Hose Pipe Set Sonalika Garden.
    4) Hose Pipe Set Tata Cummins.
    5) Hose Pipe Set Tata LPT 1112.
    6) Hose Pipe Set 407 Bs-IV
    7) Hose Pipes For 1109 Bs-IV Range.
    8) Bellow Hose, 3″ For Leyland and New range of Hoses for Leyland Trucks.
    9) Complete Range of Hoses for Leyland Dost.
  2. Now We are exporting to Australian market too, added 34 different hoses for Australian market.
  3. 70% Percent growth so far this year, new plant will be ready by year end. Production capacity will go up 3 folds.
by Girish Chhabra Girish Chhabra

Change of Address

Our New Address is E-429, Sector 5, Bawana, New Delhi-110039.

With the starting of our new plant, we have almost doubled the production capacity and the ready stock quantity. Now, With extra stock and production capacity, idea will be to dispatch the orders on the same day or maximum 2 days time.


by Girish Chhabra Girish Chhabra

Upcoming Range : December 2017

Upcoming range of hoses that are under process:

  1. Brake Fluid Resistant Hoses
  2. Mahindra Tractor : Yuvraj
  3. Hoses till 6″ id will be available soon.
  4. Radiator Hose Kit Mahindra Jeeto
  5. Range of Hoses for Tata Prima & Novas
  6. Hoses for Santro Xing