DSC_0460ah 105 106 107We are manufacturing variety of bends, bellow, and reducer hoses in EPDM rubber for the Automobile industry & for Industrial usage purposes.

1) L-Bend  or Elbow Hoses : L-Bends with Id’s ranging from 8 mm till 5″ in different sizes are available, which can further be customized as per the requirement.

2) Reducer Elbow Hoses : L-Bend Hose, with different Id’s at either ends are also available with different bend angles.

3) Reducer Rubber Hoses : Quite a few sizes of reducer hoses are available and many more can be developed at a very reasonable cost.

4) Bellow Hoses ( Dholki ) : Bellow hoses are available in following id’s :1″, 1.50″, 1.75″, 2.50″, 3″.

5) Reducer Bellow Hoses : Only one size is available, i.e. with id 2.50″ & 3″.