“Giving new meaning to Quality: The Arth”

We believe , the only way to go forward, is to strive on Quality, Quality Product along with Quality Packaging & timely Delivery.

In quality front, we try to procure the best grades of every raw material available. All fresh batches are checked for Tensile, Elongation, Hardness and Bursting Pressure before putting into production. Randoms checks are done on the production floor to remove any human error or deviation from the standards. Strict measures are taken to control the prescribed wall thickness of the hose, no. of reinforcement yarn coverage per inch and the finish.

Once the Hoses are manufactured, they undergoes three screening processes, where they are thoroughly checked, before passing on to the packaging department.

We also have our own research laboratory & we are also linked with few big research laboratories, and automobile workshops, where the products are first tested under variety of simulated conditions as well as in real life in automobile workshops, before being introduced in the market.

Today, We manufacture over 1700 different hoses and all are readily available; we believe timely delivery is as important as the quality.

We are also focusing on product range, new products are been introduced every fortnight with an idea to cover complete automobile, and tractor range in India and to make a mark in the international circuit.

We also undertake Customized EPDM Hoses queries, where the compounding can be altered as per the customer specifications which include, specific gravity, temperature & pressure requirement, costing, and material thickness.